Saturday, September 6, 2014

First Blog Post

 I always seem to wake up again when Summer is over and Autumn begins.  Maybe it's because the time of year when school starts again and lazy summer days give way a sense of purpose and direction It's really my favorite time of year. The weather changes and the Holiday Season starts with Labor Day & the Jewish Holy Days and moves right through into Winter and the Hanukkah/Christmas Holiday Season. This past summer was a lot of rest and recuperation from my total shoulder replacement surgery in June. I'm ready to get moving and back in the swing of things again. 

With the holidays people start to reconnect and make time to catch up with old friends and make in-roads with new friendships. And it's not merely web communication.  It's the old fashioned kind that has a postage stamp and goes in your mailbox. It's the kind of communication that can be made by hand and show the love that you put into every snip, stamp and word.  There's so much joy in a hand made project.  It's good for your soul and the souls of the people you give it to. 

Here's to the joy of the harvesting of the soul! To the comfort of cooler weather and warm fire places and cozy blankets! To the warmth of friends and loved ones

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